I'm a Ph.D. student at School of Software, Dalian University of Technology under the supervision of Prof. Lei Wang.

I'm also a visiting Ph.D. student at College of Information and Computer Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst under the supervision of Prof. Jie Xiong, from 2019 to present.

Previously, I received my B.E. and M.E. degree at School of Software, Dalian University of Technology in 2015 and 2017, respectively.

Email: jialinliu at umass.edu

Reseach Interests: Wireless Sensing; HCI; Mobile Computing

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BlinkListener: “Listen” to Your Eye Blink Using Your Smartphone
Jialin Liu, Dong Li, Lei Wang, Jie Xiong
IMWUT/UbiComp 2021 (to appear)

FM-Track: Pushing the Limits of Contactless Multi-target Tracking using Acoustic Signals
Dong Li, Jialin Liu, Sunghoon Ivan Lee, Jie Xiong
SenSys 2020

Wiar: A Public Dataset for Wifi-Based Activity Recognition
Linlin Guo, Lei Wang, Chuang Lin, Jialin Liu, Bingxian Lu, Jian Fang, Zhonghao Liu, Zeyang Shan, Jingwen Yang, Silu Guo
Access 2019

LaSa: Location Aware Wireless Security Access Control for IoT Systems
Bingxian Lu, Lei Wang, Jialin Liu, Wei Zhou, Linlin Guo, Myeong-Hun Jeong, Shaowen Wang, Guangjie Han
Mobile Networks and Applications 2019

Multi-Target Intense Human Motion Analysis and Detection Using Channel State Information
Jialin Liu, Lei Wang, Jian Fang, Linlin Guo, Bingxian Lu, Lei Shu
Sensors 2018

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Detection Based on Channel State Information
Wei Zhou, Lei Wang, Bingxian Lu, Naigao Jin, Linlin Guo, Jialin Liu, Honglei Sun, Hui Liu
SECON Workshop 2018

HuAc: Human Activity Recognition Using Crowdsourced WiFi Signals and Skeleton Data
Linlin Guo, Lei Wang, Jialin Liu, Wei Zhou, Bingxian Lu
Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing 2018

A Novel Benchmark on Human Activity Recognition using WiFi Signals
Linlin Guo, Lei Wang, Jialin Liu, Wei Zhou, Bingxian Lu Tao Liu, Guangxu Li, Chen Li
HealthCom 2017

A Research on CSI-based human Motion Detection in Complex Scenarios
Jialin Liu, Lei Wang, Linlin Guo, Jian Fang, Bingxian Lu, Wei Zhou
HealthCom 2017